COVID-19 Update

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Board of Directors has decided that we will move forward with volleyball and basketball athletic activities, as we do our best to comply with the guidelines issued by the Governor and the Department of Health. Of course, each family will need to make their own decisions on what they are comfortable participating in, but we did want to provide the opportunity for those student athletes that are comfortable with playing this season. Volleyball has started to practice, and preparations are being made for basketball to begin in September. We do ask for your patience as we are going to have to make adjustments on the fly, and this will mean that things won’t always be as convenient as we would like. For example, the Don Owens Sports facility is not yet available to use, so the volleyball practices are being held at the Hangar in Greenbrier which is a bit of a drive, and there is no air conditioning. We anticipate that things will be pretty fluid the first couple of months, but hopefully it will settle down into our normal routine after that.

It was decided to cancel the Basketball End-of-Year party, but we are making plans for a modified Basketball Kick-Off meeting at the beginning of September. Please stay tuned for details on the Kick-Off meeting to come later.