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The 2021 National Basketball Tournament will be March 14-20 in Springfield, Missouri. The NCHBC serves the HomeSchool Basketball Community by organizing & hosting the the annual National Championships along with 4 Regional Championships. Regional results are the #1 criteria the Nationals Seeding Committee uses each year. Regionals are also where players earn the votes for Post Season Awards.

On Monday, March 15th, Boys 18u (Division I & II), Boys 16u, Boys 14u, & the Girls 18u age groups will begin Nationals!

Currently, the first game of Nationals 2021 is scheduled at noon, Monday, March 15th. Boys 16u will play most of the first time slots, with a handful of girls 18u expected at these times.

On Tuesday, March 16th, Boys 12u, Boys 10u, Girls 16u, Girls 14u, & Girls 12u all begin.
On Wednesday, March 17th, Girls 10u will begin play.

NCHBC Gold Ball Showdown Series Format Info:

Liability Waiver:
This year they will require a liability waiver that needs to be filled out by each adult (you can add all of your minors to your form). Please follow this link to complete the waiver form.
Liability Waiver Form:

The average cost for a family of four to attend Nationals is estimated at $1,500 (hotel $900, gas $150, food $450).

We have a block of rooms reserved at the Hilton Garden Inn in Springfield for the week of the National Homeschool Basketball tournament. It is a nice hotel, and they will provide a very nice full breakfast for us each day. Please follow the booking link below to make your reservation at the rate of $130 per night. The arrival date will default to March 14th and the departure date will default to March 20th. I would recommend leaving the dates as is, because you can adjust them closer to the time after you have your plans firmed up. You don’t have to pay until you check out of the hotel in March, so please make this reservation as soon as possible.
Hilton Garden Inn Booking Link
Hilton Garden Inn Website
Map for Hilton Garden Inn

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Team USA:
If you do not have a whole team attending Regionals or Nationals, Team USA may be right for you. Team USA is made up of eligible Home School players from around the country whose team is not attending (or they aren’t on a team.) Team USA allows players to participate in an NCHC Post Season Event who would not be able to without Team USA. In Team USA you can request to play with your friends or teammates. We have seen many instances were 3-5 players from a team that played together all year and a coach want to play at an NCHC Post Season Event but don’t have enough to field a full team, Team USA is a great opportunity for these situations and others. Team USA’s are placed in divisions based on tournament needs/availability.

Team USA may not eliminate a team from the Gold Ball contention (at Nationals), or from the top bracket of the division they are placed in, at other NCHC Events (Regionals, etc.)

The fees are $90 at Basketball Nationals, $75 at Volleyball Nationals & $55 at Basketball Regionals.

TeamUSA Registration